5 Steps in Creating the Green Commercial Office Design


1. Increase Natural Lighting

 Natural lighting is what’s known as “full spectrum”, meaning that it illuminates many more colors and details than artificial lighting does. The benefit for office workers is higher levels of concentration, better attention to detail, and fewer bouts of depression or office-induced anxiety. When most of the office lighting is natural, result is lower energy bills as well as better employee productivity.


2.  Environmentally Friendly Flooring

Flooring is an enormous part of any room’s interior design, including commercial office designs. A good floor needs to looks great and perform well year after year with minimal maintenance. Therefore consider in investing in quality, sustainable flooring choices including wood planks and carpet tiles and installed with low VOC materials.

  3.  Healthier Paint

Consumers now have more choices than ever when making a decision to buy paint, including many environmentally conscious paints and coatings. Driven by regulatory and market demand, the U.S. paint and coatings industry has responded by producing a broad range of offerings that deliver excellent quality while minimizing the environmental impact, for safe use by consumers. Paint containing no VOCs (volatile organic compounds) dry quickly, have little or no odor and are more environmentally friendly.


4.  Open Office Layouts

Open office designs increase employee collaboration and decrease some forms of office stress. An open office layout creates fewer zones for heating and air conditioning, as well as less energy usage overall. Open designs are also conducive to letting in more natural light, which further helps employee productivity and lowers energy bills even more.


5.  Introduce Nature and Plant Life

Adding plants to desks and walls, or including a living wall of plant life within your building bring numerous benefits to the office environment. Many plants help clean the air, improving office air quality while reducing employee stress at the same time



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